Value Added Services

  • Strategic Planning and Involvement of Key Stakeholders DOAM follows a Value-Driven-Operations strategy, derived from an ambition to make the business more sustainable, meet fiduciary responsibilities, improve operational efficiency, create sustainable community and to deliver quality, health and safety, environment and risk management services.

    • Surveys and Focus Groups on different Stakeholders - Results are analyzed using statistical diagrams and charts. Actions are planned after team meets. Progress is monitored by KPI owners.
    • Gathering needs and expectations of customers, suppliers, employees, through various channels like surveys, focus meetings, and so on. Understand changing needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders and employees and taking action to meet them.
    • Internal Performances and Capabilities Assessment, KPIs, Performance Appraisal (PA) – PAs help to assess the performance and capabilities, Skill Enhancement Program(SEP) supports the performance evaluation and converts to opportunities for employees to deliver results.
    • Supplier Performance Evaluation (SPE) – SPEs by the Central Procurement Dept (CPD). Suppliers are notified of their performance and provided with recommendations and timelines to improve performance. Vendors that do not improve within the agreed timeframe are not allowed in future bids.
    • To reinforce value-driven operations, DOAM proactively developed a custom-made Integrated Management System (IMS) catering to the Association Management, ensuring customer satisfaction in a sustainable manner.
    • Strictly adherence to statutory requirements and international best practices.
      Implemented an operational strategy that works in unison with strong Asset Management Programme (AMP) to reduce asset failure and associated cost.
    • Proactive Risk and Insurance management practice ensures business continuity.
    • Ensured transparency with stakeholders.

    The above points can only be carried forward with the help of a passionate and knowledgeable team. Every member of DOAM is chosen based on their professional experience, cultural understanding and moral values. This creates a high value idea and objective basket, which contributes to a value-driven approach, enabling consistency and efficiency.

    Strategy setting takes place through feedback from stakeholders. Elements of which are key to implementing continual improvements programes(CIP). Such contributions have supported to ensure the implementation of IMS.

    DOAM Value Added Services

    Innovation and Creativity

    Value-Driven-Operations were spearheaded through a set of annual objectives developed using feedback from our Association Board, customers, employee, management, and further cascaded down. DOAM experts (QHSE, Technical/Engineering, Administration and Procurement) were entrusted with tasks in line with these objectives. QHSE Manager was required to oversee the progress of implementation and ensure that planned objectives are being met. Any negative feedback received was acted upon to find a resolution.

    Identifying subject-matter experts has helped to build a sense of responsibility within the company. For example:

    • Strategic procurement and frameworks: Periodic updates from market and regular evaluation of services and providers have helped to develop a robust list of vendors.
    • Disaster recovery: Organised team work is a mandatory requirement. Creating an environment promoting team work has helped to practice the requirements.
    • Services quality: Passionate people can drive quality. Monthly checklists and scorecards are part of the process.
    • Don’t Walk Around (DW): All services delivered at customers’ doorstep, so they don’t have any hassle when they require services such as in-unit maintenance, car cleaning, laundry, and so on.
    • Risk mechanism adopted and risks are monitored: Various approaches deployed such as enterprise risk management (ERM); process risk register; operational risk; contractor pre-qualification and evaluation for any risks.
    • Defined Process: ‘cause and effect’ program was implemented. Dedicated QHSE Manager focusses on development of processes.

    Deliverables for Community / Association

    DOAM Value Added Services

    Community / Association Risk Management Program

    DOAM Value Added Services

    Insurance Management Program

    • Procure right insurance provider
    • Best market price (due to economies of scale)
    • Ensure proper insurance policy in place to serve the building needs
    • Efficient and diligent claims Management by dedicated team of experts
    • Implementation of lessons learned from previous claims in order to reduce future claims

    Fitout Review, Coordination, Supervision and Management

    When it comes to fitting-out a new or existing commercial, retail or residential space, it pays to have expert supervision to ensure everything is conducted to plan. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers will provide fit-out review services to the top standards, in accordance with guidelines set by Dubai Municipality, Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, and other governing bodies.

    The team can provide the following services:

    • Facilitation of Architectural and As-Built drawing reviews, plus No Objection Certifications (NOCs)
    • Onsite Fit-out Supervision and Management
    • Ensuring compliance for ongoing fit-out work, by conducting intermediate site inspections to drive on-time progression and adherence to HSE rules and regulations

    Please download our fit-out manual and required forms to proceed with Deyaar Fit-out NOC