Our commitment

  • Enhance property value
  • Produce team work and positive attitude
  • Achieve energy efficiency
  • Strive for effective communication
  • Ensure transparency and integrity to generating trust from owners, occupants, board members and authorities

Our vision

To become the region’s leading owners’ association manager of choice in enhancing reputed communities.


Our policy statement: VIEW

Mission statement

To provide quality association management services from trained professionals who follow internationally-recognized best practices to continually improve the community wellbeing and offer comprehensive customer service to achieve sustainable growth.


  • DDedication: Deyaar Owners’ Association members are loyal, committed and work tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction
  • OOpenness: We are open to new ideas, new experiences and new relationships with our valued clients. We display willingness to change and embrace new ideas to enhance community wellbeing.
  • AAspiration: We aim to enhance communities and ensure sustainable community wellbeing.
  • MMAKE it happen: We are committed to making things happen