Board Code of Conduct

Declaration of Compliance of Ethical Guideline for Owner Association 

A Board member must be committed to understanding the role of the Owners Association and the rules by which it operates.

The Board members must comply with the following :

  • Act honestly and fairly in performing their duties and must not unfairly or unreasonably disclose information held by the Owners Association, including information about any Owner or Occupier of a Unit, unless authorized or required by law to do so.
  • Act in the best interests of all Owners. 
  • Sustain from voting on any contract with a third party entity providing goods and services to the property, which entity the Board member owns, partly owns, is employed by or has any other form of interest in. 
  • Not to case any nuisance on the common area 
  • Otherwise behave in any manner which unreasonably affects or is likely to unreasonably affect a person’s lawful use and enjoyment of a Unit or the Common Areas.
  • If a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest arises at any time, then a Board member must before any debate or vote is taken on the matter to which conflict relates:
    • Disclose that conflict to the Board; and  
    • Abide by the decision of the Board as to whether they are to be permitted to participate in any debate or vote in respect of the matter. 
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure the Owners Association must comply with the laws and regulations of the Emirate of Dubai and the U.A.E.
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure the Owners Association and Association Managers register all necessary details and reports required by RERAthrough the RERA approved electric Owner Association Management System. 
  • Neither Board Members, Owners Associations and Association Managers are permitted to use any form of media ( including internet, radio, paper, telephone, digital media or any other form of media) for the purpose of discussing or complaining about private issues relating to the Association, any Board Member or any dispute relating to the Association
  • Acknowledges that any authority having powers pertaining to national security and safety, RERA or any party appointed by RERA, has all authority to receive, review and oversee all information regarding owners Association Including financial record or any other document relating to the Owners Associations and Board Members shall take all necessary steps to comply with any such authority requests. 
  • Prior to the Owners Association appointing any service provider relating to the security or installing any security systems, ensure that the necessary written approval has been obtained from the Department of National Security;  
  • Owners Association shall coordinate the installation of cameras devices according to specific criteria of the Department of National Security.
  • Owners Association shall appoint an Association Management Company which is registered with the Owner Association Regulatory Section at RERA.
  • Owners Association shall open a RERA approved bank account for the Owners Association.
  • Owners Association shall appoint an external auditor which is approved and registered at RERA and shall provide copies of the external auditor's reports to the Owners Association Regulatory  Section at RERA. 
  • Ensure that the Owners Association permits electronic linking from any security system within the property to the control room of the Department of National Security.